• Lynne Marcus

Journey to Mansfield Park

I heard the Mansfield Park Opera this week. I have to say my first reaction was… Relief! I’ve been promoting this opera and JaneCon all year but to be honest, I had never heard the music. What if it was a clunker!?

I’ve been excited all year about Mansfield Park because it was well Mansfield Park and I’m a big Jane Austen fan! So when I had the opportunity recently to attend the first rehearsal I jumped! I had to find out for myself if I liked it. And I did!

There are only 10 characters in the opera. So as I was listening to the voices it was easy to figure out in just a few minutes who was who. Also the story moves very fast. The scenes are broken up into chapters. And it is sung! Such as “Chapter Seven Lovers Vows”. Well, you know where that is going!!

The blend of voices was astonishing! There is a lot of ensemble singing… No big opera solos but singing conversationally moving the story along. I can’t wait to see it on stage!

An extra plus for me was getting a chance to meet Alix Jerinic from San Francisco, who is performing the part of Fanny Price. Hearing her talk about the role was very fun! She is so excited to be able to sing this part. Her enthusiasm is infectious! (And she’s a big Jane Austen fan!)

It’s such a rare opportunity that it is available to us to experience this unique and lovely work of art. Don’t miss it! So....for those of you that were feeling perhaps a bit apprehensive about coming to a Jane Austen assured. It’s not a clunker!


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